New E-mail Account Statements

Starting this month, Mr.Host is changing the way we send you your monthly bills.

From now on, rather than just sending the current monthly hosting invoice, we will now send a full statement of accounts, that includes all invoices and payments posted to your account, since the last billing date.

The main reason for this change, was because many customers have domains that automatically renew at various times during the month. When these domains renew, there is an invoice, and payment  (if required) posted to the account, but by default, these invoices and payments are not e-mailed out to customers automatically.

Individual invoices and payments are available, and will continue to be available, via the Customer Control Panel, but many customers prefer having the invoices e-mailed to them automatically.

Unfortunately, our first attempt to send out the new statements didn’t work so well. You’ll notice that the statements you received include all invoices and payments for the entire life of your account, and not just from the last billing date.

This is clearly an error on our system when generating the statements, and if you can bear with us, will be rectified and re-processed tomorrow afternoon.

We apologize for the confusion