Our Web Hosting Guarantee

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

All Web and E-Mail Hosting packages include a 45 Day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service within the money back guarantee period, simply notify us and your contract fees will be reversed. No advanced notification required, no paperwork, no red tape, no catches whatsoever.

Our 45 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to all Web Hosting and E-Mail Hosting Packages.

Please note: Domain Registrations are not included are are non-refundable.

Performance / Uptime Guarantee

Mr.Host offers all our customers a 99.99% uptime guarantee in any given month, excluding scheduled maintenance windows. This means that during normal operating hours, Mr.Host will have no more than 4.32 mins/month of unplanned downtime. Mr.Host will refund portions of the monthly hosting fee to requesting customers, up to 100% of the monthly free.

Service credits are calculated as follows:

  • Between 0 and 4 minutes of downtime per month (100% - 99.99% uptime): No Credit
  • Between 4 and 21 minutes of downtime per month (99.98% - 99.95%): 5% Credit
  • Between 21 and 43 minutes of downtime per month (99.94% - 99.90%): 10% Credit
  • Between 43 minutes and 3.5 hours of downtime per month (99.89% - 99.50%): 15% Credit
  • Between 3.5 and 7.25 hours of downtime per month (99.49% - 99.00%): 25% Credit
  • Between 7.25 hours and 1.5 days of downtime per month (98.00% - 95.00%): 50% Credit
  • Greater than 1.5 days downtime per month (less than 95% uptime): 100% Credit

Please contact our Sales Department to request your service credit.