Email Migrations

Over the next few days, Mr.Host will be migrating all the customer e-mail from the current mail system, to our new mail hosting platform. Due to the sheer number of mailboxes, and amount of e-mail, we’re opting to not do the migration all at once, but to spread the copy out over several days, copying only a handful of e-mail accounts at a time.

What this means to you, is a shorter disruption in your service, only as your mailbox is copied; the length of the disruption will be directly proportional to the size of your mailbox- if you use POP3 to check your e-mail, and you don’t leave messages on the server, you likely won’t even notice the transition.

There are no changes that need to be done by you to support this new system, nor will any mail be lost during the transition. New mail will continue to be delivered as it comes in.

Why is this good?

Once on the new system, your e-mail quota for all your mailboxes, will share the space allocated to your web hosting account.

So, for example, if you have a Bronze Hosting package, which includes 10GB of storage, and you’re only using 1GB for your website, you’ll have 9GB (9,000MB) of space for e-mail. This is a huge jump from the current system which only allowed 20MB of space per mailbox.

Impact of this migration:

During and after the migration, you will see a new “mail” folder when you FTP into your web space- this is where your e-mail is stored- DO NOT delete this folder, if you do, it will delete your mailbox, and all your e-mail.

After the migration, you may notice some of your e-mail folders now have a number at the end of them, for example “sent-mail0” or “sent-mail1”. This is because there were multiple folders with the same name; the migration process renames these folders so they don’t conflict, to support the new system. All the e-mail in these folders is preserved, and can be copied out at your discretion.

If you have any questions or concerns about this migration, please let us know.


New Web Mail Interface

Earlier this evening, the main Mr.Host web mail interface was upgraded to a newer version; this new version fixes several bugs in the old software, as well as adds a ton of new functionality, like HTML e-mail composition, and in-line HTML e-mail viewing. This new version is also significantly faster than the old version.

All your address book contacts, e-mail filters and preferences were imported into this new version, so it should be a relatively smooth transition.

There were, however, a handful of preference settings that were not backwards compatible with this new version, and therefore were not imported- specifically, which folders to use for sent mail, trash and drafts- these settings can be easily reset from the Options section.

** This change only affects customers using the online webmail interface **

If you have any questions or concerns about this new release, please let us know.