Network and Server Upgrades

Over the last few weeks, Mr.Host staff has been hard at work upgrading the network and  servers that your web sites and e-mail are being hosted on. The main focus of these upgrades were to expand the system to facilitate growth, as well as to add additional functionality to stay current and competitive.

The upgrades included additional network connectivity to improve speeds throughout the eastern coast of North America, as well as the complete replacement of all web  hosting servers, with brand new, multi-core Dell servers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing changes to all hosting packages, including quota increases, new features, and more!

Possible Upgrade Issues

* if you are having problems logging into using FTP, please make sure that you are using “ftp.mrhost.ca” as your ftp host/server, and NOT your website URL. While connecting using your website URL may have worked on the old system, it has never been the preferred way to connect, and will no longer work on the new systems.

Network Upgrades

  • core routers replaced with faster Cisco routers.
  • network connectivity throughout the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has greatly increased through local peering arrangements through TorIX and PIX exchanges.
  • network connectivity into and through New York City has increased through remote peering through the NYIIX exchange.

Server Upgrades

  • all web servers have been replaced with new, multi-core Dell 1950 servers.
  • storage sub-systems have been replaced with new, high-capacity storage systems with larger, faster disks.

Software Upgrades

  • upgraded PHP4 to version 4.4.8
  • upgraded PERL to version 5.8.8
  • upgraded Python to version 2.5.1
  • upgraded Apache to version 2.0.63
  • upgraded MySQL to version 5.0.51
  • upgraded PostgreSQL to version 8.2.6