PHP 5.3.8 Upgrade

This evening all Mr.Host web servers have been upgraded to PHP 5.3.8

This release fixes two issues introduced in the PHP 5.3.7 release:

  • Fixed bug #55439 (crypt() returns only the salt for MD5)
  • Reverted a change in timeout handling restoring PHP 5.3.6 behavior, which caused mysqlnd SSL connections to hang (Bug #55283).

PHP 5.3.7 Upgrade

This evening all Mr.Host web servers have been upgraded to PHP 5.3.7

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.3.7:

  • Updated crypt_blowfish to 1.2. (CVE-2011-2483)
  • Fixed crash in error_log(). Reported by Mateusz Kocielski
  • Fixed buffer overflow on overlog salt in crypt().
  • Fixed bug #54939 (File path injection vulnerability in RFC1867 File upload filename). Reported by Krzysztof Kotowicz. (CVE-2011-2202)
  • Fixed stack buffer overflow in socket_connect(). (CVE-2011-1938)
  • Fixed bug #54238 (use-after-free in substr_replace()). (CVE-2011-1148)

Key enhancements in PHP 5.3.7 include:

  • Upgraded bundled Sqlite3 to version
  • Upgraded bundled PCRE to version 8.12
  • Fixed bug #54910 (Crash when calling call_user_func with unknown function name)
  • Fixed bug #54585 (track_errors causes segfault)
  • Fixed bug #54262 (Crash when assigning value to a dimension in a non-array)
  • Fixed a crash inside dtor for error handling
  • Fixed bug #55339 (Segfault with allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off)
  • Fixed bug #54935 php_win_err can lead to crash
  • Fixed bug #54332 (Crash in zend_mm_check_ptr // Heap corruption)
  • Fixed bug #54305 (Crash in gc_remove_zval_from_buffer)
  • Fixed bug #54580 (get_browser() segmentation fault when browscap ini directive is set through php_admin_value)
  • Fixed bug #54529 (SAPI crashes on apache_config.c:197)
  • Fixed bug #54283 (new DatePeriod(NULL) causes crash).
  • Fixed bug #54269 (Short exception message buffer causes crash)
  • Fixed Bug #54221 (mysqli::get_warnings segfault when used in multi queries)
  • Fixed bug #54395 (Phar::mount() crashes when calling with wrong parameters)
  • Fixed bug #54384 (Dual iterators, GlobIterator, SplFileObject and SplTempFileObject crash when user-space classes don’t call the parent constructor)
  • Fixed bug #54292 (Wrong parameter causes crash in SplFileObject::__construct())
  • Fixed bug #54291 (Crash iterating DirectoryIterator for dir name starting with \0)
  • Fixed bug #54281 (Crash in non-initialized RecursiveIteratorIterator)
  • Fixed bug #54623 (Segfault when writing to a persistent socket after closing a copy of the socket)
  • Fixed bug #54681 (addGlob() crashes on invalid flags)
  • Over 80 other bug fixes.
For a full list of changes in PHP 5.3.7, see the ChangeLog.