Customer Control Panel Enhancements

This is a quick note to let you know about some new features recently added to the Mr.Host Customer Control panel.

Domain Registrations,  Renewals, and Transfers

You can now register new domains, renew existing domains, and even transfer-in domains you have registered with other registrars. Renewing, registering or transferring a domain requires a valid credit card on your account for the domain pre-payment.

Improved Domain Management

We’ve added more features to the existing domain management section, including:

  • the ability to adjust the locking status of your domain, to protect your domain from un-authorized changes or transfers.
  • the ability to adjust the renewal setting for your domains, so you can set important domains to automatically renew each year, and domains you won’t want anymore, to automatically expire.

We recommend you take note and adjust the renewal setting of your domains as needed.

One-Time Credit Card Payments

You can now make simple, one-time credit card payments, from any credit card listed on your account. The credit card will be processed, and posted to your account immediately.

Database Management

You can now add/remove MySQL databases to/from your account. The easy-to-use interface provides you with all the required values to connect to your new database, as well as a one-click sign-on to the web-based database administration interface.

If you have any questions or concerns about these upgrades, please let us know.