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Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express

The first step is to add a new Account to your outlook settings. This is usually under the Tools > Accounts… menu. Once you open up the Accounts window, click the Add button (and then Mail if prompted) to begin configuring your Mr.Host e-mail account.

Your display name should be the name you want your e-mails to come from.. usually just your name.

Your E-mail address should be the e-mail address you want your e-mails to come from. This can actually be ANY valid e-mail address in the world so, pick an e-mail address that you’ve already set up via the E-Mail sections of the Customer Control Panel.

Decide if you’d like to connect to our mail servers via POP3 or IMAP. Then enter the incoming mail server:, and the outgoing mail server:

Now, you’ll have to enter your Account name and password. You’re username should be your FULL e-mail address.

MAKE SURE Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) IS NOT CHECKED

When you’re finished, you should be brought back to the main Account page. You’re not quite done! You won’t be able to send e-mail through our SMTP servers unless you do this:

  1. Highlight and click Properties.
  2. Click the Servers tab.
  3. Make sure My server requires authentication is checked!
  4. Click ok!

We use authenticated SMTP (so that only our clients may send e-mail through our servers and not spammers!) so you won’t be able to send e-mail without doing this! If you still get an error message when trying to send e-mail, your ISP may block port 25!.

That’s it, you’re done configuring Outlook to use Mr.Host’s e-mail services!
Remember that if you JUST added a mailbox or e-mail address through our control panel it may not be active yet. Please try and wait at least 15 minutes for the address to work, before contacting support about problems.

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