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How do I set up e-mail on my computer?

Setting up your e-mail is easy to do. Once you have set up your mailbox and addresses on our servers, the next step is to choose an e-mail client. An e-mail client is a program that allows you to download mail from your mailbox on our server, and read it on your computer.

Choosing An Email Client

Most e-mail programs are fairly similar. You get a list of messages that you’ve received, often seperated into different folders so that you can easily organize your various e-mail messages for later retrieval. An e-mail program isn’t just a place to send and receive e-mail, but is also a database of past communication with others. Here are some common e-mail programs people use:


Netscape Communicator (comes with an e-mail client built in)

Qualcomm Eudora Pro/Eudora Lite

Microsoft Outlook Express



Netscape Communicator (comes with an e-mail client built in)

Bare Bones Mailsmith

Qualcomm Eudora Pro/Eudora Lite

Other operating systems, such as Linux, BeOS, PalmOS, and MacOS X, have a multitude of other e-mail clients available for use. The instructions given below should generally apply to just about all e-mail programs.

Configuring Your Email Client

After you’ve chosen an e-mail client that you like, you’ll still need to configure it for use with our servers. In particular, you should consult your program’s manual to find a place to enter an IMAP/POP3 server. For this value, you should type in the ‘’.

Another setting you’ll need to type in is the SMTP server. This is ‘’. If your ISP blocks port 25 however, you may have to use THEIR SMTP server. All ISPs provide one, and should have told you theirs when you signed up.. is earthlink’s for example. If your e-mail program has the option, you should check off for your SMTP server that “My server requires authentication”. We do this so spammers can’t use our outgoing mail server to relay spam.

You should also be prompted to type in your e-mail account name and password. There, type in your FULL e-mail address as your username, and the password for your mailbox.

Your e-mail client may have a number of other configuration items that you may choose from, such as signatures or special sorting preferences. These you will need to consult the manual for, but the values given above should get you started.

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