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Good resources for Perl CGI scripters.

Perl is by far the most common language used to write CGI scripts. A fairly easy learning curve, coupled with tons of freely available source code, make it a perfect choice for the beginning (and advanced!) web coder. One of its greatest strengths is that the language was written with text processing in mind. Given that the web is almost nothing but text, it’s a perfect match.

You can download the latest version of Perl at the official Perl site:

This site also contains a lot of great general information about writing Perl and Perl CGI scripts. There are also numerous online tutorials and books available to help you get started.

But what if I just want a script to install and start using it right away?

The sites below offer numerous scripts that you can use with your Mr.Host account. Some are better than others, so you should shop around before deciding on a given script.

Note: Although we will attempt to help with generic CGI problems you have, we do not provide technical support for any external scripts/CGIs. We’ll help if we can within reason, but we can’t guarantee that any given script will work with our servers. If you need help installing or debugging a certain script, we can do so at extra cost.

The CGI Resource Index

The CGI Collection


Web Bazarr Perl Scripts


PerlCrawler (Perl search engine)

Message Boards

These are scripts specifically for running CGI based message boards on your site. Each have somewhat different feature sets and requirements, but all work fine with our servers.

UBBThreads (Requires MySQL, $229 a license)

GossamerForum (Requires MySQL, $200 a license)

YaBB (No MySQL Needed, FREE)

Discus (No MySQL needed, FREE [$150 for Discus Pro])

IkonBoard (MySQL optional, FREE)

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